CHRISTMAS CAROL - for five actors
























This musicalized version of Charles Dickens classic tale of redemption uses five actors and a variety of puppets to reproduce the original ghost story that Dickens intended it to be.

The show comes with Puppets, music tracks, and sound effect tapes if required    



Book & Lyrics: Lezlie Wade

Music: Lezlie Wade & Toby Aldron

Marley Was DeadWade & Aldren
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Rule of Thirds

Two old friends, one Canadian and one American, are brought together during a winter storm and forced to confront their past through the suicide of a mutual friend. As the evening progresses differences in the arts between men and women, Canadians and American’s leads to a heated discussion about the nature of success, and an unexpected Faustian bargain.

2013 -The Squid’s Embrace received Creators reserve funding from Theatre Aquarius.

2015 - It was workshopped by Road Less Travelled Productions in Buffalo, NY where it ultimately received a staged reading at Shea’s Theatre.

2016 - it was also workshopped at Theatre Aquarius and given a staged reading with Peter Krantz and Glynnis Ranney in the leads.


Other Songs
Moments in LifeWade & Gwillim
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The Shrink SongWade & Velez
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