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CHRISTMAS CAROL - for five actors






























This musicalized version of Charles Dickens classic tale of redemption uses five actors and a variety of puppets to reproduce the original ghost story that Dickens intended it to be.

The show comes with Puppets, music tracks, and sound effect tapes if required    



Marley Was DeadWade & Aldren
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Rule of Thirds

Two old friends, one Canadian and one American, are brought together during a winter storm and forced to confront their past through the suicide of a mutual friend. As the evening progresses differences in the arts between men and women, Canadians and American’s leads to a heated discussion about the nature of success, and an unexpected Faustian bargain.

2013 -The Squid’s Embrace received Creators reserve funding from Theatre Aquarius.

2015 - It was workshopped by Road Less Travelled Productions in Buffalo, NY where it ultimately received a staged reading at Shea’s Theatre.

2016 - it was also workshopped at Theatre Aquarius and given a staged reading with Peter Krantz and Glynnis Ranney in the leads.


Other Songs
Moments in LifeWade & Gwillim
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The Shrink SongWade & Velez
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Book & Lyrics: Lezlie Wade

Music: Lezlie Wade & Toby Aldron

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