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At The Zoo

One day when I was barely two

My Father took me to the zoo.

Because I was too small to see,

He had to lift and carry me.

Inside his arms, I felt so tall,

Some animals seemed very small.

And much to Mr. Bear’s surprise,

I looked him right between the eyes.

The roars and squeaks and squawks I heard,

From every lion, wolf, and bird,

Just made me laugh because I had,

My arms around my fearless Dad.

Before the sun began to set,

The animals and birds we’d met,

Were just as tame as tame could be;

Some even bowed to Dad and me.

Then just as things were going great

Dad checked his watch and said, “It’s late.”

Then crouching with me at his feet,

He placed me in my stroller seat.

Well suddenly, to my surprise,

The animals grew twice their size.

They growled, and groaned, and hissed, and booed.

In fact, I thought them rather rude.

They wouldn’t wave or say goodbye,

Which hurt me so, it made me cry.

But Dad, alarmed by all my tears,

Soon picked me up to ease my fears.

I blinked my eyes, and like before,

I wasn’t frightened anymore.

Of course, when Dad’s my bodyguard

Then being brave is never hard.

Next time I come back to the zoo.

I think I know what I will do…

I’ll cry a little bit so he,

Will have to lift and carry me.

Together we make quite a scene.

The animals know what I mean.

They’re just as tame as tame can be,

When I’m with Dad, and Dad’s with me.

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